Above: Example material from Issue #2. Final product will differ.

Issue #3 - Pre-Order Today

Our best issue yet. 

Packed with new, unique and original content perfect for those long-haul trips or quick regional hops. 

Pick up, read and enjoy with the perfect cup of hot joe.

In This Issue

Over 80-pages of timeless original content, interviews, reviews and more. 

See what we have in store for you this issue.

Thrustmaster Hardware

First look at flight simulation hardware from Thrustmaster.

Developer Interviews

Behind the scenes with incredible developers with Orbx, Virtual-Fly, iniBuilds and More.

Landing Tips

Perfect the landing with advice from a certified instructor to grease it each time.

Above: Example material from Issue #2. Final product will differ.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Everything you need to know about the revolutionary new simulator.

Product Reviews

From PMDG and Aerosoft to Orbx, we review the latest products to help you.

Community Interviews

Real world pilots talk how flight simming helps with flying preparations.

The Story

Having something physical to hold feels great. We know that the flight simulation community values high-quality and fantastic looking content and we want to deliver on that for a third time with a brand new issue of the FSElite Magazine.

Pre-Order Process

Without a flight sim show this year, we’re unable to hand them out to you personally as we’ve done in previous years.

Our community charter promises honest speaking to the flight simulation community. Producing a premium magazine involves a high-risk which we need to keep under control. To ensure that we are able to sustain production, we have provided the community with the flexibility of a fully refundable pre-order system. 

This gives us knowledge that this is something the community wants and also gives you peace of mind of a high-quality product or your money back.

To ensure this is a valid venture, we need to reach a goal of 600 copies pre-ordered. If we hit that, production will go ahead. If not, then a full refund will be issued to everyone who’s pre-ordered. Totally and completely risk-free for the community.

To be clear, the pre-order amount (plus shipping) is all you will pay to get a digital and physical copy of Issue #3.

Staying Transparent

FSElite always strives to be completely transparent with the community and we will do the same for this. You can track our progress daily down below. We promise frequent updates, regular communication and total transparency throughout the process. 

Your trust is valuable to us and we work to maintain that.

Issue #3 Pre-Order

Cover-to-Cover Quality
$ 9
One-Time Refundable Pre-Order
  • 80-Pages of Original Content
  • Coffee-Table Quality
  • Never Before Seen Content
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  • FREE Digital Copy
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  • Risk-Free Pre-Order

Key Informaton

Pre-Order Deadline

Pre-orders will be accepted until June 15th 2020. We will need to reach our goal by then to commit to producing the magazine.

Our Target

We are looking to secure 600 pre-orders before our deadline in order to continue with production. You can help by pre-ordering today.

In Your Hands

When we reach our goal, we'll then give a clear date of when we can print the magazine. We're aiming before the end of June.

Quality Assured

Coffee Table Ready

Sits perfectly on your coffee table ready to be read at any time. Also makes a great coaster for your tea and coffee cups.

Best Stock

We use 170gsm silk paper stock for each page for top-quality to make those colours pop. Finished with a smooth matt lamination.

Delivered Direct

With our new shipping partners, get your magazines quicker. UK within 3 business days and the rest of the world within 7 business days.

Timeless Content

Whether you buy it on day 1 or day 50, our content is designed to be relevant at any time meaning you can savour every page.

Those Who Support the FSElite Magazine

Our Pre-order Goal Progress

We are working towards ensuring at least 600 people will be able to get their hands on a physical copy. Once we hit that goal, we can commit to producing a top-quality magazine. If we don’t, a full refund will be issued to those that pre-order. 

Target Goal (0/600) 0%

Last Updated: May 29th 2020

Explore Our Past

See what we’ve achieved in the past and be assured that we are going to deliver a high-quality magazine.

FAQ - Your Questions Answered

The FSElite Magazine is a self-published physical (or digital) magazine that features original content, interviews, reviews and more from the Flight Simulation space. It is made by the team at FSElite.net with the intention on providing the flight simulation community with a comprehensive and detailed look at various aspects of flight simulation.

This will be our third issue. Both previous issues were well received with excellent feedback from the community. Both issues were distributed at various shows and put on sale with hundreds of copies sold. Both issues featured top-quality coverage and original interviews, reviews and more.

As FSElite does not have a big publisher to support the costs of printing and distribution, everything we’re doing is in-house. Printing is done through a quality supplier with distribution happening worldwide. That does however mean we have a huge initial cost associated which poses a huge risk to our business. As this is the first time the FSElite magazine will be distributed purely through an online sales channel, we need to ensure that the community is interested. 

To make things as flexible as possible, we are offering a pre-order system to gauge legitimate interest in the magazine. 

We need to reach a goal of 600 pre-orders for this to be seen as a worthwhile venture and for production to go ahead. 

Our pre-order system has been designed to give us the information we need to know how many copies to print, where customers are located and what content interests them.

To pre-order, you will first need to head to the FSElite Magazine Issue #3 page and click the “buy now” button. This will take you through an order form process.

Once the order is confirmed, this will count as part of the pre-order system. You will receive a confirmation email, along with frequent updates with progress. 

We are accepting pre-orders up until June 15th. Providing we then reach that target, you can expect your copy in the mail shortly afterwards. 

Exact dates will be communicated a little closer to the time.

If we don’t reach our target goal of 600 copies before June 15th 2020, then we will issue a full refund back to your original payment method within 10 days. No questions asked and no fees.  This refund will include any and all shipping fees.

This is completely risk-free for you.

We will then re-evaluate our stance for future issues going forward with that data.

If we do reach our goal, then we will continue with production with copies then being distributed to those who pre-ordered Issue #3.

No further payment after the pre-order will be made or required.

We will then put the magazine on general sale afterwards and ship those copies once all pre-orders are complete.

Yes. If we don’t reach our goal, then you will get a full 100% refund on your pre-order and shipping. No questions asked.

All we say is that it may take up to 10 working days to get that to you and that it will be sent back to your original payment method (PayPal or Card).

We are unable to account for any losses or gains due to currency fluctuations from time of purchase and if we issue a refund. You will be charged in either USD, EUR, GBP or AUD depending on your country.

Our costs mostly stem from printing and production. As we do not compromise on quality, printing production is much higher than normal magazines. We use quality stock and print using high-grade inks and printers.

We also have costs associated with administration, running this website and fees taken by payment processors such as PayPal or Stripe.

We then have shipping and material costs on top of that.

Yes. Shipping costs depend where in the world you are.

We’re pleased to offer competitive rates for shipping around the world using our supplier Mixam.

Current shipping rates are as below.

UK – £1.99

US – $3.95


Rest of the World – $3.95 USD

FSElite is not responsible for any taxes or import fees you may incurr.

For anyone who pre-orders, they will get a free digital copy once the magazine is available.

Depending on demand, we may then create a specific Digital-only version.

Kickstarter (and similar) have high costs associated to them and take a percentage fee for each backer. This means the cost for the magazine would then be more expensive and passed onto you. 

We want to give you the best value possible and agreed this is a safe and fair way to handle it. 

Both Stripe and PayPal offer easy refund options and protection.

Something not covered? 

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