Airbus Pilot On How Flight Simulation Helps Him Overcome Challenges

If you’ve ever wondered whether real pilots use flight simulation to help them with learning an aircraft, procedures or those challenging approaches, we can confirm that it is indeed the case.

Speaking exclusively in the upcoming issue #3 of the FSElite Magazine, Airbus pilot Johnny said: “I think it does help.”

“I can fly into airports with difficult approaches before I fly them in the real world to get an idea of how I am going to fly it when to configure/slow down etc.”

Also, in the same interview, Johnny speaks candidly about some of the challenges he faces in the real world and how he uses flight simulation to overcome them. I have been using my sim recently just to keep my mind on the flows and procedures for when we do get flying again after the worldwide pandemic.”

It’s assuring to know that the hobby of flight simulation is able to help real-world pilots with their knowledge. The advanced simulations of today’s products and simulators, as well as the skill from talented developers, demonstrates just how important flight simulation is in today’s world. 

You can read everything Johnny had to say in Issue #3, which is due to release later this month in physical format. It’s the perfect companion to your at-home flight deck.

Read more about the content you love in our third issue of the FSElite Magazine.

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