Meet the Team

FSElite is a collective of talented people with a passion for aviation and simulation.

The FSElite team are made up of amazing individuals from all over the world to provide a range of content. We all have different tastes and opinions, but we’re all passionate for the community. We each have our own speciality subject and sim or perhaps media type. Either way, you can find out everything you’d need to know about the FSElite team below.

Co-Founders / Directors

Founded by three people with a passion to bring flight simulation to the masses through a dedicated media platform, the directors and co-founders lead the long-term strategy and growth for FSElite.


Business Director

As a member of the flight sim community for nearly 20 years and an airline pilot by day, Jordan has always strived to maintain the community aspect of flight simulator. Many of the professional connections he has made to this day have come from the flight sim community. We want FSElite to bring the pride and fun back to the forefront and continue to expand this growing community.


Content Director

Calum has been an avid fan of Flight Sim since the release of FS2000 and has developed his love for aviation ever since. He has  the knowledge and experience to really deliver an excellent flight simulation community. Although no real life flying experience, He has a good understanding and always learning more and more about the hobby and industry.


Creative Director

Greg has been a member of the flight simulation community for almost 20 years. Throughout that time, he worked on various design projects for a few virtual airlines, which is how he learned and practiced everything he knows today. Greg’s goal here at FSElite is to develop new and exciting ways to deliver incredible content to you, using crisp, clear, and captivating design.

Leadership Team

Our dedicated leadership team help drive the day-to-day operation of FSElite. From ensuring the news is updates daily to producing original video content, our leaders drive our team to success.


Written Content Manager

Dutch guy living in Finland. Daan has been with the FSElite team since almost the beginning having provided expert support and knowledge to help ensure our written content engages with the community. As our Written Content Manager, Daan oversees everything to do with our written content with the support of Content Leaders and Producers.


Video Content Manager

Patrick, our most senior executive video producer joined FSElite in July of 2016. He has a passion for aviation film making and photography. First debuting on YouTube as The Flight Sim Deck in 2015. Patrick has grown his channel to over 10,000+ subscribers. As our Video Content Manager, Patrick ensures our YouTube channel is kept updated with engaging and quality productions.


Ad Communications Manager

Lisa has been in aviation for many years serving multiple roles. Her knowledge and customer service means she can help and engage with our customers.  As part of the FSElite tea, Lisa communicates frequently to our developers, publishers and partners to ensure they have the best experience possible using our advertising platform.


Content Leader

Licensed glider and ultralight pilot. Former Air France cabin crew. Loving airliners, and an absolute fan of the MD-80 series. Guillaume spends his nights reading and learning many airplane manual. Also an avid aviation book collector and reader and also  an accomplished plane spotter and photographer. As a Content Leader, Guillaume coaches and develops our producers.


Content Leader

Jordan works in operations for a brewery, pub and hotel company in London.  Discovering flight simulation when the 3x CD FS2002 was released, he then followed the natural progression up until P3D, where he switched platforms to X-Plane 11. When he is not working or flying (sat at his desk), he enjoys playing the drums, rowing, cycling and running.


Content Leader

Nick is a very passionate flight simmers for over 12 years now and is one of the biggest AvGeeks you will meet. He also makes cinematic flight sim videos, and also takes part in a lot of real world plane spotting in his free time. His favorite aircraft is the Boeing 747, and always enjoy learning more and more about aviation and flight simming.


Content Leader

Ronnie started studying aviation in 2006 with Flight Sim 2004 after his mother took him to his first ever airshow. Ever since, he has been hooked on simming and have recently been put into a position to start flight training IRL. As a Content Leader, Ronnie prides himself in delivering meaningful feedback to developer people’s video production skills.

Content Producers

From driving engagement on social media to producing the content you see daily on FSElite, our content producers are dedicated to providing you with the best information possible.


Content Producer

Adam is a total aviation nutter with an interest in both the real world and flight simulations. He is a  member of a group that flies and maintains a Piper Comanche 180 and a Piper Cherokee 235, and also experience flying all sorts of types of aircraft. His main interest is in VFR flying and in bush flying, the kind of thing that gets the heart racing.


Content Producer

Daniel has been a flight sim enthusiast for over 10 years starting with Flight Simulator X. Always eager to listen and gain knowledge about all things flying whether it be in the sim or the real world. Currently, he is a student pilot enrolled at ATP Flight School so he can turn my hobby into a career. He can always be found in the evening crisscrossing the United States in a 737.


Content Producer

Originally from Bucharest, Romania, Ioen moved out to Florida in the USA to begin his aviation studies at only the age of 14 at an Embry Riddle high school. He is currently working towards his Private Pilots License with over 50 hours of flight time in the Cessna 172R. He has have been active in the flight simulation industry since 2008 and so far has experienced many of the flight simulators.


Content Producer

The aviation bug bit Jack in late 2015 and since then he has been completely hooked on anything that flies. As a day job he works in the heritage rail industry as a steam locomotive fireman but a good portion of his free time is spent flying around in the virtual skies (usually airliners). Aside from trains and planes he also enjoys more generic gaming and reading.


Content Producer

Lee is a full-time aviation electronics technician, Air Force veteran, married, and a father of two. He has worked as a meteorological and navigation technician while in the Air Force. He began flight simulation in the late 1990s, shortly after ground school. Most of my experience was on Microsoft products; FS2002 Pro and FS9. He had limited time on FSX due to an ageing PC and a changing life, but now flies frequently. Co-host from Flight BrotherS FT.


Content Producer

Massimo is currently a part-time ramp lead at Toronto’s Pearson Int’l airport (CYYZ), where he has had the opportunity to significantly familiarize himself with airport operations and aircraft ground handling through the previous four years. Massimo has been a member of the flight sim community since approximately 2010. Most of those years spent playing Flight Simulator X, then Prepar3D, and as of 2018 Digital Combat Simulator World (DCS).


Content Producer

With the help of flight simulator and many hours of flight instructing, skydive piloting, and as an reposition pilot, Ohan now works as an airline pilot. Ohan joins the team looking to provide the community with plentiful research, knowledge and information for all type of flight simulation products and platforms. Ohan started his simming career at a young age and is very excited about what the future will bring.


Content Producer

Serge has been passionate about aviation since the tender age of five. A curly-haired flight attendant ignited his enthusiasm for all things aviation. For over 20 years, Serge has been a flight sim addict with his undeniable love for long hauls will no longer surprise any pilot nor controller on VATSIM. Besides aviation Serge is easily intrigued into new things, missing the time to finally choose between a dog or cat, travel, play badminton, or just stick to IT, while trying to catch a glimpse of the next Starlink train.


Content Producer

In the hold.


Content Producer

Tom’s interest in aviation began with FS2000 and CFS1 and only grew when he was taken spotting at McCarran Intl. I set out to learn as much as I could about aviation and he has continued to use flight sim as his primary tool. When not on the sim, he enjoys designing, building, and flying remote-controlled aircraft, plane spotting/aviation photography, experimenting with 3D printing, and playing other PC games.


Content Producer

In the hold.


Content Producer

Will is an avid flight simmer. His first experience with a flight sim started back with FS2004 many years ago. From there he has worked up the ranks of the simulators that were on the market. In his spare time, Will is a keen photographer and a passionate motorcyclist.